Real estate sales center sells premises 360kv. M. , first floor two-storey brick building, the area of ​​the new circus, electricity 380 / 220. Vytyazhka, kommunikatsii. Bolshoy yard, 2 entrances. Number of the announcement on the company website: sc-100-655.

Real estate sales center sells complex, 465 sq. M 2 levels, on the walls: brick, overlap w / w, krovlya decking (separate) include: industrial complex, san / node, shower, cabinets. Solid fuel heating, electricity 380 volts. 10 min. Walk from kiev. Company website announcement number: sc-100650.

Center for real estate sold to 4. Office space of 49 m2. Separate entrance. Neighborhood "troyanda" metro botanic garden, 23 august 10-minute walk. Number of the announcement on the company website: sc-099-801.

Real estate sales center offers office space at cold mountain in tank school district. 1st floor, total area of ​​170m2, 4 cabinets, a bathroom, separate entrance. Call us! number of the announcement on the company website: sc-098-058.

Real estate sales center offers office 29 m2 in a new building in saltovka in the metro area, academician pavlov. An office with a major overhaul. Price $ 32,000. Call us! number of the announcement on the company website: sc-098-055.

For the first time in the sale of three office space on the street. Yuri soyfer (henri barbusse), on the upper ground floor, igds, bars on all windows. The apartment is located in a nearby area with a well-developed infrastructure, metro station and scientific derzhprom 5 minutes. Foot. Fenced, landscape courtyard, there is a place for parking. Apartment duplex, ideal for business: salon, cantor law, dentistry, bank, office, etc. , have the opportunity to make a separate entrance. . Everything is ready to give you a quick deal. Number of the announcement on the company's website: sc-097-520.

Real Estate Sales Center Offers The Only Flat Plot In The Village. Novo-Zapadny On A Residential Street Skoropadsky In Kharkov. The Plot Has Central Water, Gas, Electricity. A Great Option For Building Your Dream Home. Developed Infrastructure, Transport Interchange. Number Of Ads On The Company Website: Sp-013-521.

Real estate sales center offers a separate building near the metro station of the central market. The building from 1917, two floors and a basement. The total area of ​​820m2 with a balcony and a courtyard. Status under repair. Call us! publication on the website of the company: sc-096-473.

Center property for sale in the new building offers office ave. Gagarina, derzhavinskaya. Separate entrance with a red line overhaul. The office consists of 6 rooms, has its own bathroom. Cost 145000. Call! number of the announcement on the company website: sc-096-198.

Selling or rent a room in the ground floor of a four-brick building. The room has nine rooms, a study and a bathroom. The room is equipped with alarm and video surveillance. Generating capacity of the rental 3 kv. Vozmozhna pomescheniya. Udobnoe location. Nearby: shops; market; separation of the "new mail" to public transporta. Vozmozhen bargaining.

Real estate sales center offers a quiet 118m2 office gagarin district office consists of reception, conference room, 2 offices, managerial, kitchen, 2 / y. Renovation, furniture and built-in office. Video surveillance, air conditioning in each room. Price $ 95,000 number of ads on the website of the company: sc-095-605.

Real estate sales center offers office space near the central market. The building is 10 meters from the red line. A quality repair. Office stylish interior that is important for commercial premises. As well, there are all the conclusions of sewage and electrical under kuhnyu. Zvonite! number of the announcement on the company website: sc-095-627.

A great investment for your kapitala- incumbent georgian restaurant chacha, located in the central part of the city, on the red line, moskovsky prospekt 43. Presentable exterior portion, a summer terrace with 40 seats, a large banquet hall for celebrations, as well as 2 small cozy rooms are decorated in a single style. The restaurant is fully equipped with facilities, large industrial catering department with all the rules for the conduct of business. For detailed information, please call at any time! number of the announcement on the company website: sc-093-110.

Production 220 class. M. Two rooms, a bathroom and a shower room. Store warm and bright. A good asphalt road. Heating: the two boilers; 9 kw electric and solid fuel. There are 19 acres of land adjacent to the region in which the metal hangar 300 square meters. M. 40 kw of power energy. There is a possibility of completion (of the project). Agreement possible. Us $ 8000: it is possible to rent. Per month. # 20608

I Will Sell The Capital Garage With Documents On The First Line Of The Village Of Slobozhansky For Two Cars, With A Viewing Pit, And A Cellar, There Is Electricity, Water Can Be Spent, The Garage Is Warm, And It Can Be Used For Housing.

I Will Sell A Building Plot In The Village Of Kommunar Rn Airport. An Area Of ​​15 Acres (50 * 30), Smooth. Communications 10 Meters From The Site. Residential Houses Are Located Nearby. The Price Is Discussed.

You Have A Choice, To Buy A Ready-Made House Or To Build Your House, What Your Soul Wants, This Is Exactly What Your Family Wants, It Will Be Convenient And Comfortable For You To Live In Your Dream House. This Is Your Option, It Is On This Site You Need To Pay Attention. I Will Sell A Land Plot In The Most Beautiful Village Of The Kharkiv Region, In The Most Ecological Village And In The Forest Itself There Is A Land Plot Of 18 Acres, Gas, Light Is Just Around The Corner And Is Not Spoiled By Unnecessary Buildings. Call The Site In With. Zadonetskom Is Waiting For You.

Do You Like Nature, Forest, Fishing? Quite A Rare Offer, A Plot Of Land For The Unusually Beautiful Village Of Mohnach Is On Sale, 9 Acres With Access To The River S. Donets, And Around The Forest. Documents Are Fully Prepared For Sale.

I Will Sell A Site In Khoroshevo Of 15 Hundred Parts Of An Equal 5000 Dol. The Usa With Unfinished

I Will Sell A Plot In Khoroshevo On A Residential Street. There Is Water, Electricity, Gas, Internet On The Plot. According To The Documents, 10 Ares (more Reality). There Are Raspberry Seedlings, Fruit Trees, Strawberries On The Plot. There Is A Purchase Option With A Garage. Bargaining Is Possible.

I Will Sell A Site, With. Zadonetskoe, 25sotok With A Lake And A Beautiful View Of The Zmiiev Lake House Demolished! There Is A Summer Kitchen In Good Condition.

Offered for sale restorannogostinichny kompleks. Vklyuchaet a restaurant (great hall, 4 banquet halls, hall stakes, koraoke room), a large swimming pool 11m * 6m, a hotel with 8 rooms, 3 sauny. . Na area has a large parking lot, a large beautiful yard with summer terrace, gazebo, brick built bbq, two kacheli. Obschaya area of ​​the complex occupies 38 acres, the land forged privatizirovannaya. Ogorozheno zaborom. Vsya area landscaped, beautiful landscaped dizayn. Zdanie restaurant consists of two etazhey. Na first floor of the main hall, bar, e st stage, a second banquet hall for 20 seats and a karaoke room, the second floor is a large stakes room and a room for billiards and a two-storey hotel, the reception desk on the first floor, two saunas and a third sauna with a separate entrance, mangalom. Vse halls and banquettes, the hotel is fully it furnished and equipped with all necessary furniture and tehnikoy. Predlagaem you ready for the complex, which will delight your guests.

Sell ​​ready Business! The Premises In The Lease, Removes The Restaurant "dublin Pub", A Long-Term Lease Agreement Concluded By A Notary, Taking Into Account All The Risks. Effective Investment. Number Of Ads On The Company Website: Sc-079-947.

Selling Detached Non-Residential Premises Of 84.2 Sq. m. Located On The Red Line Opposite The Central Entrance To The Park Artem. Former Grocery Store, Divided Into Three Rooms. Room For Rent. Number Of Ads On The Company Website: Sc-079-948.

Sell ​​non-Residential Premises. Located On The Red Line, Operating Since 2001 (currency Exchange). You Can Be A Pawnshop, Currency Exchange, Shop, Hookah Or Other Type Of Activity. Number Of Ads On The Company Website: Sc-079-949.

I Will Sell The Existing Small Cafe Located Opposite The Entrance To Gorky Park From The Side Of The Letopark Zone (trinkler Entrance). Number Of Ads On The Company Website: Sc-079-950.

Shop On The First Floor In The Center Of Zmiev, In The Hotel Building, Area Of ​​45 M2. There Are All Communications. The Second Entrance From The Yard For Unloading Goods. Trading Room, Utility Room, Bathroom. It Is Leased Under Grocery Store. The Price Is 45000! Bargaining At A Meeting!

I Will Sell The Room Of 100 Sq. m. Two Exits Zmiev District Railway Station, Each Room Of 50 Sq. M. There Is A Bathroom, Changed All Wiring, Windows, Plastic Entrance Doors, Previously Used Under The Pharmacy. The Place Is Liquid.

I Will Sell A Premise Under The Zmiev Business Of 30 M2. There Are All 1 Line Communications With Repair.

I Will Sell The Room (ground Floor) 48 Sq. M. 2 Rooms, Utility Room, Bathroom. All Communications - Light, Heating, Sewage, Water. Good For A Hairdresser Or A Shop. The Price Is 12000 Usd.

I Will Sell The Room Of 226 Sq. m. The 2-Storey Zmiyevsky District Of The Zidka Settlement, Built In 2008. The Building Constructed Of Shell Rock And Foam Block, Lined With White Brick, Was Used For Sewing Production, 380 Volt Electrical Outlets, On The First Floor There Is A Garage For 2 Cars With An Area Of ​​47 Sq. m. Cellar 9 Sq. m. Kitchen - 12 Sq. m. And Two Rooms Of 30 Sq. m. And 24 Sq. M. Heating Gas Boiler And Batteries, On The Second Floor Rooms Of 44 And 50 Sq. m. Heating - Gas Convectors. Reinforced Concrete Floors. Plot Privatized 15 Acres. The Room Is Perfect For Working And Living. On A Plot Of Two Houses The Second 90 Sq. m. 5 Rooms, Kitchen - 10 Sq. m. Bathroom, With A Renovation.

We offer for sale a new two-storey guest house in the village. Kirillovka. City center. All the infrastructure is nearby: the bus station, shops, market. To the sea 5 minutes. Total area 415kv. M. 14 rooms for tourists. There is a dining room, kitchen, two terraces, a place for cars. Hot water. Plot 10 ares. State certificate to the ground. Nearby land for sale with an area of ​​10 acres.

I Will Sell A Ready-Made Business Ideally For A Hotel In The Zmiyevsky District Near The River Mzha On 30 Acres Of Land 400 Sq. m. Three Rooms With Bathrooms, There Is Also A Sauna, Swimming Pool, Shop, All Questions On The Phone!

I Will Sell The Room Zmiev Area Bumfabrika 100 Sq. m. Perfect For A Shop, Cafe, Beauty Salon, Two Large Halls, Utility Room, Convenience, Heating Off, Electricity, Water Running, Second Line, Near The Seversky Donets River Is Excellent For The Future, Transport Interchange

For sale a promising detached building with an area of ​​186 sq. M. , with a privatized plot of 17 acres. In the very center of berdyansk, on dyumin st. The proximity of the central market, the hotel "berdyansk", busy traffic and pedestrian traffic, will allow you to successfully implement any business project.

Dance Floor, Equipped With Modern Sound And Lighting. Foam Generator For Foam Parties. 4 Balconies For Jackets. There Is A Possibility Of Living For A Staff Of 30 People With All The Amenities. The Rooms Are Air-Conditioned. The Resort's Lively Nightlife Takes Place In Numerous Discos, Dance Halls, Music Cafes And Bars. The Mild Climate, Peace Of Mind And Excellent Rest, Combined With A Rich Selection Of Excursions And Walks Around The Town Will Not Leave Indifferent Any Tourist