If you are interested in a promising start-up of a real estate site - this text is for you, here it is described how we are doing now.

A good prototype real estate site has been created. It fully works and begins to attract traffic. But there are a few things in it that need to be improved to ensure more serious growth and success. I am looking for investments to do everything necessary quickly.

Further about the site:

First of all, it is a geo-independent real estate bulletin board. That is, this site can work in any region of the globe. Any languages and currencies are supported. Ads are linked to GPS. Ads are searched by the polygon that can be drawn. The prices of objects are translated into the currency of the user who is looking for ads. Ad texts are translated into a user-friendly language. The ads themselves are now around 700,000. We have a good CEO and we see traffic growth from google search. This is a really cool and modern system.

Site Clients:

  • real estate sellers
  • intermediaries (realtors)
  • buyers
  • tenants
  • landowners

Major visitors come to the site to select and buy or rent real estate.

Earn similar sites, mainly in two ways:

  1. By entering payment for posting ads.
  2. Selling ads (for example, through Adsense).

In both cases, revenue depends on traffic and its quality.

Ways to attract traffic:

  1. through advertising (simple but expensive)
  2. from search engines - it's not easy. We had to work hard on internal SEO-optimization of the site.

But we went this way and we succeeded. Now for six months we have seen a steady increase in traffic, and if it continues to work normally, then traffic should continue to grow.

We also translated everything into more than 20 languages and thus expanded the boundaries for promotion.

In addition, professional real estate market players use CRM systems to work, and we initially took a friendly position with respect to CRM and integrate with them. And this will further facilitate our progress. We ourselves also have some CRM features, and over time it can become a standalone product.

Based on the foregoing, our site has both potential and chances of success.

Our problem:

with an increase in the amount of information on the site and an increase in traffic, the server begins to "dull", and users do not like it, as a result, traffic growth slows down. This can be solved, for example, by increasing the capacity of the servers, distributing the system to several servers, or by profiling the database. And it is better to perform all these actions. But for good, these things need a team more than ours.

To expand the team, you need money, to get money you need traffic, to get traffic, you need a team :)

Therefore, now we are looking for an interested investor.

Immediately after solving the performance problem - go to the next step.

The next step:

Training a neural network that should analyze the real estate market, namely:

  1. evaluate property
  2. find anomalies in the prices of objects sold
  3. predict real estate price changes
  4. predict supply / demand

If you know people who may be interested in this, please give them a link, thanks.

For any questions you can write here:
support@kvadom.com or https://www.facebook.com/Dmitriy.Belan83