Actual information

Tight integration with databases of real estate agencies, guarantees us the relevance of the data. In addition, our search robot is programmed to search and find new ads on the Internet.


Make informed decisions. Get professional advice. The real estate search algorithm takes into account the location, the types of transactions that the realtor was engaged in, and the level of its real estate objects.

For realtors

Los anuncios de display, puede inmediatamente después de su registro en el sitio. Disponible para descarga automática a sus anuncios, y CRM a través de XML-feeds. También estamos preparados para cualquier tipo de cooperación que hará que el mercado de bienes raíces mejor.

Free publication of ads

We also have private ads from property owners. Placing ads on our site for free.

Newest technologies

The system works on any devices without the need to install additional programs.

Close to you

The location of each property is displayed with extreme accuracy, besides the search area can now be simply drawn on the map

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