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About the website:

This is a worldwide real estate offers board. All languages and currencies are supported.

The offers are tagged by GPS coordinates (latitude, longitude) and can be found within user drawn polygons.

The prices are automatically re-indexed into the user currency according to the average daily rates.

The texts are translated to user's languages.

Popular MLS feeds XML APIs are supported, which allows easy one-click real estate agencies lists/databases integration and provides positive real estate agent UX.

The website has well-designed internal SEO structure sharped to maximize the organic traffic.

Why does this website exist?

Over than 10 years ago I had been managing a small real estate agency and I thought about how could I scale my business.

At that moment this business was already depended on ads and each year that dependency was growing.

At the same time, the owning of a real estate board was a huge competitive advantage. is a well-made real estate board on which I've implemented many of my ideas. I'm sure he has a lot of potential. However, to attract significantly more new users, additional efforts are required in its promotion.

If you are interested in the purchase, please don't hesitate to write me on: or